Audrey Hepburn and speedy handbag

From Audrey Hepburn toting her Speedy en route to the airport or Grace Kelly and her namesake Hermes bag, women have always lusted about beautiful bags, elevated to star status by their famous owners.

The It bag, or an iconic, classic handbag has never gone out of style.
The last decade has proved our appeal for an iconic handbag will never wane, with Fendi re-issuing their Baguette and a book about the bag, Prada re-releasing some of their most famous bag designs, and brands like Mulberry proving there’s still an appetite for a must-have accessory.

Today I want to talk a little bit about the iconic Louis Vuitton brand, one of the biggest and most profitable luxury brands on the planet, a byword for indulgence from Beijing to Bond Street.
Louis Vuitton began making luggage for the travelling elite and wealthy in Paris. He became famous for designing the canvas flat bottom trunk, luggage that was lightweight, airtight & could be easily stacked in railway carriages. Today Louis Vuitton is known as a craftsman for durable luggage & leather goods, and most famously known for its LV monochrome pattern and damier canvas pattern.

In this post have put together some of my favourite Louis Vuitton pieces found in my last visit to the SERIES 3 exhibition in London.

DSC07058 DSC07060 DSC07070 DSC07082 DSC07085 DSC07086 DSC07087



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