sustainable fashion LONDON Imagine that plain blue sweater that ‘s been in the back of your wardrobe for the last two years and now it  has a tassel  here and a button  there and tadaaa now someone else really wants to wear it again.

So here is the idea, how many things you have in your wardrobe that you are no longer using?  This is your chance to help us build dreams and create smiles.

Our ambition is to improve the sustainability of clothing across its lifecycle by giving a second life to those items that you are no longer wearing and that are taking too much space in wardrobe.

How?  well, if by any chance you do have clothes you are willing to give away, we are more than happy to collect from you so you don’t have to leave your house because we know is winter and its cold outside.

We  will customise, upgrade or simply give a different touch to all the clothes that we collect and a 10% will be sent to charity.

  • If you live in London  and are willing to give us the clothes that you are no longer using please contact us via email at 


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