petite girls problems Being shorter than the rest should never be a disadvantage for any woman. Petite girls are adorable and yes, we might struggle to see a singer in a concert, but you will never really hear us complaining about the shrinking airline seats.

When it comes to dressing, our short legs might make us feel like we are limited just to wear some type of clothing but no no nooo, there are some tricks we can apply to create the visual illusion of being taller.
Don’t think about the fact that you are going to be restricted to wearing just a few clothing items, because it is not the case.You can wear whatever you like and makes you comfortable, by just respecting a few things that will advantage you.
Keep in mind that celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Scarlett Johansson, Shakira, Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more, are not tall at all. In fact, they are below 5’5”, or 165 cm, and still look fabulous.

So here are 10 style tips you should know if you are a “petite girl” like me.

1. Opt for one color from head to toes

Instead of dressing in multiple colors, having one single color in the bottom and upper part of your outfit will help you look taller.

2. Stay away from oversized bags

While large bags are highly practical for the space they offer, they look better on tall people. Smaller bags more suitable for petite girls, as the big ones may diminish your stature by creating bulkier volumes.

3. Say “yes” to heels

The heels are a petite girl’s best friend. They definitely create an illusion of being taller, so don’t hesitate to wear them as often as you feel comfortable with it. Also, pick shoes with a pointy toe, as they will add up to the effect of long legs.

4. Maxi dresses or mini ones

Whatever you do, try to avoid mid-sized skirts and dresses. If you want to appear taller, opt for a maxi dress. Don’t forget to underline your waist with a thin belt. Also, mini dresses and skirts are also great, for exposing your legs.

5. Wear vertical lines

If you want a striped clothing piece in your wardrobe, make sure the stripes are vertical, not horizontal, to flatter your silhouette.

6. Go for darker colors
Black, navy blue, and other dark colors suit petite girls extremely well. So try not to run away from an all-black outfit.

7. High waist clothes are your thing

A pair of pencil pants with a high waist will definitely make you look taller. They stretch the legs, and the tall waist will make you look like a model. Anything with a higher waist will help your appearance.

8. Know which brands are petite-friendly
Among the retailers that carry petite lines: ASOS, Topshop, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Loft.

9. Don’t be afraid to alter your clothes

Do you have a clothing piece you love, but doesn’t fit? Adjust anything from sleeves, length, waist, or anything else needed, to make it fit like a glove. You either learn to make the alterations yourself, at home, or find a good tailor for that.

10. Choose the right neckline


Believe it or not, the neckline can be your best ally in creating the illusion of being taller. Opt for blouses, tops and dresses with a neckline in the shape of a “V” or “U”. Anything that will cover this area will cut your silhouette.

Embrace your body, nothing is more fashionable than attitude. Regardless what you wear, feel great in your skin, and you will look dazzling. A strong attitude is the best outfit you can wear.

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