Growing up, I watched TV shows like Sex and the City, or movies with high-powered female businesswomen in heels like the Devil wears Prada, and I quickly learned that confident women wore heels.

More often than not, those women were more attractive and successful “apparently”.

the devil wears prada and flat shoes

For those who haven’t watched any of these programs, let me explain you the Devil wears Prada in a nutshell.

Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs, is college graduate who goes to New York City and lands a job as a co-assistant to powerful fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl StreepEmily Blunt.

At the beginning, when Andy is interviewing for a position as Miranda’s assistant, she is immediately criticized for being unacceptable and horrible because of her total neglect of fashion and she gets directly criticize for not being skinny and not being glamorous.

Eventually, she gets the job but she constantly struggles answering the phone and keeping up with her boss’s endless and unreasonable requests. Also, she becomes self-conscious about her look and the way it affects her professional life. So she goes through a makeover, which involves wearing high heels and getting ridiculously obsessed with her appearance. And guess what? After the makeover, Andy does everything perfectly.

I am so glad this is just a movie! Oh wait a minute; didn’t someone get fired the other day because she decided not to wear heels to work?

As a shoe lover, it’s no secret that putting on a really pretty pair of high heels can make me  feel  very good,  but as much as I love wearing heels I also love having my converse or any other flat shoes as an option,  and hey guess what; my knowledge does not get affected by the shoes I am wearing.

A couple of  weeks ago I attended to the Decoded Fashion Summit, the top global event series connecting decision-makers in Fashion, beauty and retail with emerging and established technology companies.

The event was very interesting but what made it even more interesting, for me, at least, was seeing very successful women with great careers wearing whatever they wanted.

From the Brand Manager of ASOS wearing white trainers to the Buying and Merchandising director of Farfetch wearing military boots.


Candis Fragis’ shoes / Buying & Merchandising Director at Farfetch            Shoes: Theykens Theory


Eve Williams’ shoes / Brand Director,

This only proves one more time that women’s  knowledge should never be placed on a scale just because we decide to wear flats, heels, or on a sunny day a pair of flip-flops.


Rebecca Milne Womenswear / Fashion Editor at EDITED Shoes: Nike


business women shoes

The Shoes of CEOs,  Directors,  Advertising Directors, Account Managers, Communication Managers, Business Developers, Trend Forecasters, Journalists at the Decoded Fashion Summit.


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