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If there is something I really love from the fashion world, is the story behind the brands.


I have to say that the one behind the Alice.D brand t is one of the cutest / coolest ones I know.
Imagine being able to spend your days working with the only person in the world that no matter what – is always going to be there for you.
In my case, this person is my mum, and having  the idea of being able to share one of my biggest passion and make a business out of it with her, sounds really nice.

Alice and Donatella the creative souls behind Alice.D  are two women from Milan. More precisely, they are mother and daughter united by a passion for fashion, high-quality and heritage. Alice and Donatella started their company creating leather goods for luxury Italian brands but Donatella’s experience in leather design and Alice’s background in economics led them to successfully launch their first capsule collection of beautifully hand-crafted bags in 2009. The secret of their success relies on great Italian design combined with the use of time-proven techniques to craft the leather. Alice and Donatella have established an extremely solid relationship with their leather craftsmen who possess the highest skills to manufacture top-quality bags.

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I never really wear red pieces but this Red Clutch is now one of my favourite pieces of summer.



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