shutterstock_341299367It all started 5 weeks ago at London Fashion Week where designers, fashion bloggers, models and Richard, the makeup artist that deal with my face during the 5 days had the same topic in common.


I know what your are thinking, – the models are too skinny or the new collection of X, Y and Z is beautiful or simply, that yogurt has more fat than protein- well, let me tell you something, these topics might have been on the table at some point during the week of fashion (Except the yogurt one, I made that one up, the yogurt was yummy).

Surprisingly, the topic in common was video games.

You might be thinking, seriously?? Is this what people in the fashion industry talk about? Well, let’s just say that catching several models playing candy crush and a couple of fashion photographers chasing Pokémons on the streets of Soho is what caught my attention and my interest in US$91.5 billion industry.

Hearing Richard the makeup artist being so excited about going home after a long day to spend some time playing Texas Holdem and Black Jack on M88 online was what made me go home and do some research.


I couldn’t believe that there was a whole“new world” out there that I have never been in contact with.
So I went online and realized that even some of my favorite actresses and actors are also serious gamers, yes, chances are that Richard who is probably in front of the computer right now expecting some jacks and kings for the perfect full house is playing against Henry Cavill, Daniel Craig, Matthew Perry or even Megan Fox.

Megan Fox play video games shutterstock_398040616
Yes, Man of steel, 007 and sexy Megan contribute to the video game industry which funny enough doubled the revenue of the international film industry in 2013.
But playing too much can cause you some issues like the one that suffered the one and only Mr Matthew Perry  (Chandler Bing) who once played Fallout 3 so much that he developed carpal tunnel syndrome (Where is Janice’s from Friends when you need her the most – Oh My God!).
screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-21-02-05shutterstock_58318519But the list of celebrities that play video games doesn’t stop there; one of the most iconic fashion celebrities in today’s world also spends some time behind computers.

Model and actress Cara Delevingne’s also been playing video games for years,  so she  might also be  in the same Poker tournament with the makeup artist and the other four cool guys I mentioned before.

Or simply Cara might be having a COD party in one of those world championships created by the guys from Call of Duty. Who knows!

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