For some of us, Bangkok is the first contact with the Asian continent and I don’t know about you,  but in my case, it took me a couple of days (maybe more) to get used to the chaos, the smell and the casual massive rats running through the streets at night.

DSC09167But I adapt quickly and I have to admit that at first, I did not like Bangkok, but this city seems to be the connection point to any other destination in South East Asia, so I not only had to visit it once but three times.
And guess what, the Thai capital is one of those places that in my opinion needs a second chance to find the charm.

So after 3 months in Thailand, I decided to write a little something about Bangkok and things you should do and places you should visit if you are there.

1. Food and Drinks

If you are a fan of street food or Asian flavours, you are in the right place, you can have a whole meal for less than a dollar. Thailand Food Guide: 8 Must-Eat Dishes.
DSC08215But, if you are looking for something more fancy and pricey, you can always go to places like Sky Bar, Lebua State Tower. Gin Tonics are just as expensive as a nice drink in any European capital.
The atmosphere and the view, well, with a 360 view there is a good reason this bar is top of most visitors ‘to-do list’. The round bar juts over the edge and at 63 stories high, it is the only place to be when the sun is setting over the Chao Phraya river.

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Remember that most rooftop bars have a dress code of no sports shorts and no sandals or sleeveless shirts for men.

2. Party

Khao san road is probably one of the most famous of the Thai capital.
This is the place where you should go if you want to dance like crazy or if you are up for one drink or tooooo many.
DSC09188The street is surrounded by bars, clubs and buckets full of alcohol.
Don’t be surprised if you start your night drinking a casual beer with your little sister and end up in an underground club dancing like there is no tomorrow with some Italians, Kiwis, Aussies and Brazilians (just saying). Yes, the street has people from all over the world and Buckets of all flavours.
thai bucket

3. Temples

The Buddhist temples are spread out all around the city
If you don’t have a lot of time, I’ll recommend you to visit at least one of these three.

DSC08251Don’t forget to cover your shoulders and knees (both sexes), and ideally, you’d cover your ankles too. DSC08221

4. Walk – Tuc Tuc – Bus and Shoot

If you like taking pictures, Bangkok is an existing place for it and wherever you go you’ll find some crazy scenes or exciting things to take pictures of.
I recommend you walk, take a tuc-tuc or take the bus (it’s free!) and explore Thailand‘s capital.
DSC09155 DSC09191 DSC09190 DSC09179 DSC09176 DSC09173 DSC09194tuc tuc Bangkok

5. Where to Stay

You see a lot of the tourist staying near Khao San road, however, the music near there is extremely loud and it goes on all night long.
I stayed in a very nice hotel only 20 min away from the crazy area.
Siamaze is a very nice boutique hostel, it is well connected by underground and they throw nice events and BBQs every week.
Also, you can start your day with a very nice breakfast!.
Siamaze hotelBoutique hostel in Thailand Siamaze

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